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Byco opened its first retail store in Denmark in 1938.




ASSIGNMENT 7 PART 1;Byco opened its first retail store in Denmark in 1938. 75 years later, the company is a reputable retailer with;more than 8,000 stores in Europe, Scandinavia and the U.S. During the past 20 years, Bycos strategy has;been to provide products that are anywhere from 10% to 25% cheaper than its competitors with no;compromise in quality.;Employees at Byco undergo extensive employee training on a continuing basis which enables most employees;to be very knowledgeable about all departments and all aspects of store operations. Wages are significantly;higher and turnover is significantly less than the industry standard.;Byco has established win-win relationships with its suppliers. The company continuously improves its product;offering by hiring highly paid and experienced buyers. Byco carries a limited number of varieties of its;products, relative to its competitors, however, their products are high quality and exceed standards set by;consumer legislation. Bycos suppliers deliver products in display-ready packages. Each store has a large;loading platform where forklifts transport incoming products directly to the sales floor.;All stores are open from 9am to 7pm, Monday Saturday and 11am to 5pm on Sunday. Grocery carts are;located at the entrance to the store. Customers pay a deposit for use of a cart by dropping 50 into an;automated till. The 50 is returned to the customer when the customer returns the cart to a locked position in;the queue of grocery carts. At any point in time, a store manager can determine the approximate number of;shoppers in the store by getting a read-out of the number of in-use carts.;Customers queue up in a single line to be checked out by the next available cashier. Products display multiple;bar codes. After all items are scanned, they are returned to the shoppers cart. The shopper then proceeds;to a bagging station where the shopper bags his/her products. The shopper can either provide his/her own;bags or purchase large recyclable bags at the bagging station for $1 each.;Bycos major competitors have profit margins of about 1.7%. Byco has managed to achieve about a 2% profit;margin while passing on a 10% - 25% cost savings to its customers.;---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Common goals, among others, of lean operations are;1. Flexibility;2. Less Floor Space;3. Waste Reduction (raw materials, labor and/or time);4. Continuous Improvement towards High Quality;Describe how Byco SPECIFICALLY achieves each of the above four goals. A very brief paragraph for each;goal will suffice. Be specific dont generalize. 40 pts;ASSIGNMENT 7 PART 2;Weve all been in a situation where weve had to deal with inefficiency or waste that is costly, maddening or;both. It may have been at work or dealing with a company as a customer. Describe the situation, point out;how it fails at least one lean operations characteristic and what youd do to remedy the situation. No more;than page please. 10 pts;P.S. Some of you may be thinking of a situation/incident and think Shes not going to believe that. At my;age, nothing amazes me especially given Ive recently had a lot of interaction with the federal government.


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