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Competing against Free Wikipedia Faces Down Encyclopedia Britannica




Competing against Free;Wikipedia Faces Down Encyclopedia Britannica;The record and movie industries are not the only industries;to find themselves affected by free access to;their products. Encyclopedia Britannica faces challenges;by a nonprofit competitor that provides its;services without charge or advertising,;Wikipedia depends on volunteers to create and edit;original content under the condition that contributors;provide their work without copyright.;Who would work for free? During the creation of;the Oxford English Dictionary in the 19th century, the;editors solicited word articles and references from the;general public. In the 20th century, found;thousands of volunteers to monitor its chat rooms.; coaxed more than 100,000 readers to;post book reviews on its retail Web site. Outdoing;them all in the 21st century, Wikipedia published its;one-millionth English language article in March 2006.;Wikipedia includes more than two million articles in;more than 200 languages, all created and edited by;more than one million users.;Can Wikipedia compete on quality? Wikipedia;provides its users both editing and monitoring tools;which allows users to self-police. Wikipedia also uses;voluntary administrators who block vandals, temporarily;protect articles, and manage arbitration processes;when disputes arise. A paper published by Nature in;December 2005 evaluated 50 Wikipedia articles and;found an average of four factual errors per Wikipedia;article compared with an average of three errors per article;in the Encyclopedia Britannica. More significantly;Wikipedians (as the volunteers call themselves) corrected;each error by January 2006. rated; as the 17th most visited Web site on the;Internet, while came in 2,858th place;(Yahoo and Google ranked in the 1st and 2nd places).;Wikipedia has already built on its success. In addition;to offering foreign language encyclopedias, it also;provides a common media archive (commons.wikimedia.;org), a multilingual dictionary (;and a news service (;a. How does the Wikimedia Foundation meet the;criteria for an agile company? answer: The first way is because wikipedia provides free access to;their products and second they also rely heavily on the help of volunteers.;b. How does the Wikimedia Foundation meet the;criteria for a virtual company?;c. How does the Wikimedia Foundation meet the;criteria for a knowledge-creating organization?;d. How would you recommend that Encyclopedia;Britannica adapt to this new threat? Show Less;Additional Requirements;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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