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Organisations & Human Resource Management;ASSIGNMENT 2;Assignment Specifics;This is an individual report;The total number of words for this report should be 5000 words (-/+10%);The report should be your own work and properly referenced according to the;requirements of the Harvard Referencing System.;You should provide relevant examples and support your views citing evidence;found in other studies.;Please REFERENCE all sources using the Harvard Referencing System;Weight: 50%;Passing grade 50%;This report should be completed within 7 weeks;Task: Read the short case and answer all 4 questions;MMC: Money down the drain or failed HRM?;Modernising Medical Careers (MMC) is an online programme for postgraduate medical;training introduced in the UK from 2005 onwards. IT was devised and implemented by a;think tank at the central policy offices of the National Health Service (NHS). For many years;there have been concerns about the UK medical workforce, in particular the postgraduate;medical training system. The most prominent of these centred on the poor training and;indifferent career prospects experienced by some doctors at Senior House Officer (SHO);level and by many of those in Staff Grade and Associate Specialist (SAS) posts (online at;;Therefore, the Modernising Medical Careers (MMC) programme of work was established in;2003to address these difficulties. In this line, MMC was intended to improve patient care by;improving medical education with a transparent and efficient career path for doctors.;More specifically, Modernising Medical Careers is an online lob application system for;junior doctors. Rather than writing to hospitals for their first job appointment, junior doctors;fill in a website based questionnaire and application form. Also, completion of the;questionnaire and application form gives a point score, and from this decisions are made;anonymously by a centrally based HR and jobs offers system.;The system, however, has been dogged by criticism within and outside the medical;profession. As it quickly became apparent that the database itself was not secure, this has led;to controversy and allegations made by students that their applications had been tampered;with or altered. There was no guarantee either of the integrity of the form completion process;and in many cases, forms that had been fully filled in were incomplete when they were;downloaded by prospective employers. Also, the application process has had technical;problems and was criticised over the weighting and marking of the applications, with one;London training school calling it "unfair and ineffective" in resigning from the process.;Also, the House of Commons Health Select Committee published a report into the;Government's handling of the Modernising Medical Careers (MMC) reforms on 8 May 2008.;The report was highly critical of the way in which the reforms were managed, highlighting;failings in leadership, governance and policy development. The inquiry exposed serious;problems with the management of MMC reforms, and particularly the introduction of the;Medical Training application Service (MTAS). The Committee criticised the Chief Medical;Officer (CMO) for a lack of leadership and the medical profession for the lack of a coherent;voice. MPs also found co-ordination between the Department of Health (DH) and the Home;Office 'inadequate' in handling attempts to restrict medical migration.;To the worst, as it was perceived sufficiently poorly within the medical profession, its;implementation was ultimately boycotted by senior doctors around the UK.;Answer all 4 Questions;1) Search the MMC in the internet and provide a brief description of its HRM strategy;and practices.;(Weighting: 25%);(Wordage: 1000);2) What factors and practices do you believe are important in explaining the failure of;MMC from a Human Resource Management Perspective?;(Weighting: 25%);(Wordage: 1000);3) What HRM strategies would you recommend for this organization? Why have you;chosen them?;(Weighting: 25%);(Wordage: 1000);4) What HRM policies and practices would you suggest towards improving the function;and publicity of MMC?;(Weighting: 25%);(Wordage: 1000);(Total Weighting: 100%);(Total Wordage: 1000);Please REFERENCE all sources using the Harvard Referencing System


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