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According to Gulick and Urwick, the best way to divide labor is by purpose, process, persons...




Name of textbook: Police Administration, Authors: Gary W. Cordner & Katheryn E. Scarborough;Question 1 of 20;According to Gulick and Urwick, the best way to divide labor is by purpose, process, persons or things, and;A. financial considerations.;B. the preparedness cycle.;C. interoperability.;D. place.;Question 2 of 20;originated the term and concept of "functional supervision.;A. Max Weber;B. Gulick and Urwick;C. Frederick W. Taylor;D. Ken Blanchard;Question 3 of 20;Participative management is an example of which of the following approaches to organizational improvement?;A. Human development approach;B. Structural design approach;C. Strategic management approach;D. Police organizational approach;Question 4 of 20;In Gulick's seven activities of management, abbreviated POSDCORB, what does the "P" stand for?;A. Proposing;B. Planning;C. Pushing;D. Pulling;Question 5 of 20;Bottom-up governance power is seen as;A. limited.;B. dictatorial.;C. nonessential.;D. flexible.;Question 6 of 20;Geller suggests that applying the learning organization model to policing would be difficult because;A. police officers have difficulty learning concepts.;B. there is skepticism about research.;C. there is lack of cooperation from police administrators.;D. learning is unimportant.;Question 7 of 20;Which of the following individuals examined the applicability of the learning organization to police agencies implementing community-oriented policing?;A. Chris Argyris;B. Peter Senge;C. Leanne Alarid;D. Pam Collins;Question 8 of 20;The __________ age dominates much of today's workplace.;A. wisdom;B. forming;C. industrial;D. knowledge;Question 9 of 20;An agile organization's primary component is;A. rules.;B. span of control.;C. written policies.;D. speed.;Question 10 of 20;Interorganizational collaboration is important to avoid;A. conflict.;B. interference.;C. waste.;D. All of the above;Question 11 of 20;inform us that there will be fewer people available for police work.;A. Demographics;B. Political scientists;C. Police chiefs;D. Historians;Question 12 of 20;Actual collaboration involves the sharing of which of the following?;A. Resources;B. Expertise;C. Authority;D. All of the above;Question 13 of 20;The number and __________ of civilian police employees has increased and will result in major divisions of a police agency being commanded by civilian employees.;A. power;B. ability;C. diversity;D. salary;Question 14 of 20;Police abuse of authority could potentially be reduced by;A. greater supervision.;B. increased accountability.;C. systematic data collection.;D. All of the above;Question 15 of 20;percent of African Americans believe they have been profiled by the police.;A. Twenty;B. Forty;C. Sixty;D. Eighty;Question 16 of 20;Which system is NOT a part of the central role of police in homeland security?;A. Security system;B. Criminal justice system;C. Operability system;D. Safety system;Question 17 of 20;Which of the following is a finding by the bipartisan congressional committee that investigated the problems that occurred during and after Hurricane Katrina?;A. Many conditions led to lawlessness and violence;B. The lack of a government public communications strategy delayed relief.;C. Military assistance was critical for restoring law and order.;D. All of the above;Question 18 of 20;includes prevention, protection, response, and recovery.;A. Technology cycle;B. Preparedness cycle;C. Training cycle;D. Community engagement cycle;Question 19 of 20;are entities that serve multi-agency policing needs by providing information to patrol officers, detectives, management, and other personnel on specific criminals, crime groups, and criminal activities.;A. Fusion centers;B. Reaction centers;C. Protection centers;D. Information centers;Question 20 of 20;Whick is NOT a principle of the Compstat system?;A. Accurate and timely intelligence;B. Effective tactics;C. Rapid deployment of personnel and resources;D. None of the above


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