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Research and present a profile of the CEO for a firm.




Research and present a profile of the CEO for a firm. Building on the reading and discussions, the following should be discussed;? Is the CEO being successful at his/her job? Is there synergy or dissonance between the business strategy and corporate design structure?;? Is the company perceived as being ?nimble? and what supports your answer?;? Is the CEO viewed as a visionary, custodian, change agent, or something else?;? Who would that CEO say is his/her primary customer base? Would that customer base feel the corporate structure supports its needs?;? How is that corporate structure set up to support the customer?;? Can you connect share price value (if a for-profit company) with CEO compensation?;? If non-profit or not-for-profit, what metric is used to measure CEO performance (if known)?;? How is the CEO compensated, and do you think that compensation is justified, why?;Length: 6-7 pages


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