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Please answer in positive way for example I do agree..., It is interesting point......




Please answer in positive way for example I do agree..., It is interesting point......;1.Product Scope Description;The POQ Organization will create a web presence that is identifiable with the POQ product lines including colors, brands and captures the look and feel of the POQ Organization. This will be the customer portal to gain access to the POQ product lines to obtain information on current products, to purchase products, and for customers to track their past orders. This product will provide complementary information to POQ Organization?s current customer touch point?existing retail stores. This will require information to flow from retailers to the project for inclusion in a calendar, and for information to flow back to the retailers related to events that may span multiple retail outlets.;The primary goal of this project is to provide customers with a new method to learn about and potentially purchase products through secure transactions. A secondary goal is to create value for customers by connecting them to other products offered by POQ that they may be interested in.;2.As we learned in Chapter 4, ?an assumption is anything that you believe to be true but that hasn?t been proven to be true.? From what I have read on page 178 of our text about the new website project, I have compiled the following list of project assumptions about the POQ Organization;The budget allocated for this project is accurate and realistic for successful completion.;The timeframe allocated for this project is accurate and realistic for successful completion.;The organization employs staff members whom have the required skill sets for this project.;All required technology capabilities are readily available.;Future technical support of the website will be maintained by POQ staff.;Questions for 3-4.;How realistic is it to decompose a WBS when projects can change so frequently?;What should a project manager do if he realizes a component has been left out of the WBS and adding the component will likely cause the WBS and schedule to change drastically?;3.Successful project managers consistently use decomposition because it saves time during the life of the project and provides better control.;I recently read an interesting article on Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that coincided with my thoughts in my role as a project manager. The article pointed out that many project managers view their WBS as a ?To Do? list for the project - so they can tell everyone what they need to do and as a result, their projects tend to fail most of the time. Here?s what happens when a project manager takes that approach;The project takes about 50% longer than it should;The ?To Do? list expands weekly during the project?s entire life;The project manager makes vague, unclear assignments to the team;The team spends hours in status meetings discussing what to do next;The project finishes late and requires weeks of rework after it is finished;I agree with the author of this article in that project managers should decompose the project?s scope into the work breakdown structure (WBS). While decomposition takes longer than jotting down a ?To Do? list, and it requires a lot more thinking, taking extra time and doing critical thinking gives you a professional-grade work breakdown structure.;4.Decomposition in a project is a useful tool because it is a technique that breaks down the workload and tasks before the creation of the WBS. It is realistic for a project manager to complete this task because, although the project is ever changing, it is important for an initial breakdown to be completed. I found an interesting article that described the benefits of project decomposition and I think this helps us to understand the benefits of this task.;1. Avoid team member confusion;2. Eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed;3. Create a more accurate budget;All of these facts help tie together the importance of decomposition of the WBS and when it comes to adding to the WBS later on- I believe it is important for the project manager to have all of the prep work accurate. That would mean that if something was initially left out, it is important to add it, even if that means the WBS and schedule would change. That is what a project is all about and it is important for the project to evolve and grow throughout the course of the time spent.


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