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TEST COMPARING GENDER;Based on preliminary analysis, your findings seem to indicate that teachers have some concerns, and they seem to be a function of gender. Please do some further analysis and let me know if the JDI factors we measured support the notion that female teachers are less satisfied than their male counterparts.;Please provide me with a report, in memo form, with the results of your findings. I want to have full documentation of your efforts, so provide me with a detailed summary of each hypothesis you tested, the results of all analyses you conducted, and your conclusions.;I suggest you use the following format for each analysis;? Rationale;? Null hypothesis and alternative hypotheses;? The results of your test;? Your conclusions;? Your recommendations;Also, provide me, for my signature, a brief memo to Carl Lee Simon, letting him know what you did, what you found, and what you recommend as next steps.;Please find the attached file. Thanks


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