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Female Executive/Leader Research Paper




Option 1: Female Executive/Leader Research Paper;Text books: Why Women Mean Business. Avivah Wittenberg-Cox and Alison Maitland;2009, Wiley & Sons. (paper edition) ISBN# 978-0-470-74950-0;Through the Labyrinth: The Truth About How Women Become Leaders. Alice H. Eagly;and Linda L. Carli, 2007, Harvard Business School Press. ISBN# 13: 9781422116913;In your paper you should critically evaluate the executive/leader(Sarah Palin) in relation;to course concepts (e.g., how does her behavior reinforce or conflict with the topics;we've discussed, how does she handle barriers that have been identified for women in;business, has her career been up a ladder or through a labyrinth). You need to not just;state what you found but evaluate your findings (e.g., why is she successful even with;barriers, what actions did she take that enabled her to handle work-life responsibilities;etc.) You MUST incorporate course concepts that apply to your chosen executive. The;depth with which you apply course concepts to your evaluation of you leader is an;important component of your grade.;While you can include basic information about your female executive/leader such as: title;of current or most previous executive position, highest educational level (degrees);institution(s) attended, age, etc. this type of descriptive information should be;minimal...unless you are using it as part of the critical analysis of your executive/leader;with course concepts.


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