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The role of the risk management topic in health care organizations.




The research paper presented in prescribed format is expected to be approximately 7-9 double spaced pages in length not including the reference and title pages. APA format should be followed.;paper cover a topic in Risk Management that is currently being utilized in health care organizations. Include in the paper;The role of the risk management topic in health care organizations.;The role of the risk management topic as related to risk management processes utilized across the health care sprectum.;How the risk management topic impacts the cost of health care, staffing capability, and other health care activities.;Explain how the risk management topic is related to the government regulatory environment.;Describe involvement of interest groups and other health care organizations such as JCAHO in determining the way risk management is practiced in the United States.;Describe any strategies and recommendations necessary to implement this risk management topic or process in health care organizations today.;Include any impact the risk management topic or process would have on health care policy making today.;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 8;Level of Detail: Show all work


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