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all requirements is in the should be...




all requirements is in the should be double spaced 3 pages. and thoes questions should be answered. can you be serious about this assignment because its my final. thanks so much,all requirements is in the attachment. i need answers for thoes questions in the analysis. but the most important is that you need to find an article first in order to answer questions. this paper should be 3 pages double spaced. can you be serious because its my final. thanks,hey there, u r working on this assignment now?? can i know which article u r gonna to choose?? thanks,nope..theres no specific requirement. can you write one more paper. the requirement is same.but u gotta use different article for the paper. i will pay you same amount of money. u think u can do that??,did u just accept my another question from course hero??,okay...i will send the assignment by asking a new question. hv you choose the article?? if u hv, can i know the name of the article, also the author. thanks,okay,,,i am adding the new assignment now. thx,dear pro, in think those articles should fine. thanks for letting me know. sincerely


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