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Choose a research article from a professional journal on a current HR-related topic.




Assignment;Choose a research article from a professional journal on a current HR-related topic. The article;should contain information on an actual study of a hypothesis with corresponding results. A copy;of the article will be turned in with the review. You also will deliver a 10 minute presentation in;class on the article.;Write a 3-5 page critique of the article contents and your reaction t the study and its applicability;to todays organizations. Your critique should answer the following questions and covering the;suggested topics;1. What is the focus of the research study? Why did you choose it and what interested;you?;2. What is/are the hypothesis/hypotheses or specific research questions?;3. Identify the dependent (outcome-what the researcher wants to effect) and the;independent (treatment-what the researcher is manipulating) variables.;Ex: Companies that use drug testing have better workforce productivity that those;organizations that do not use drug testing in employment screening.;DV- better workforce productivity;IV-using drug testing;In this case, if the company is not more productive after using drug testing in the;screening process, then resources have been wasted.;4. What methods were used in the study?;a. Subjects;a.i. Selection of sample (random, nonrandom, control group, other);a.ii. Size of sample - # of individuals compared to population chosen;a.iii. Types of individuals;b. Methodology;b.i. Appropriate control of variables;b.ii. Data collection process;b.iii. Measuring instrument reliability;c. Transferability of the learning to your organization;d. How do the results correspond with current Best Practices in HR?;5. Discuss the results and if the data supported the hypothesis/hypotheses.;6. Discuss how the results could be used in your organization.


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