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Will serve in a consultation capacity to a company and have been asked to develop a strategic plan.




Will serve in a consultation capacity to a company and have been asked to develop a;strategic plan. The whole task is divided into three interrelated components, external;analysis, internal analysis, and strategic recommendations.;The subject of our case project is Whole Foods Corporation (http://www.Whole;;The report of the project is prepared and presented in a group basis. Each group will be;required to submit a written case analysis of the target company following the structure;guide on the next page. The final written report should be 60 pages? minimum in length;double-spaced typed, 12 cpi font size, and with one-inch margins. The assessment for final;project encompasses the quality of your external and internal analysis and strategic;recommendations, and the quality of your written report.;2.2 Purpose of this Study;3. External Analysis;3.1 General Environmental Analysis;3.1.1 Demographic Segment;3.1.2 Economic Segment;3.1.3 Political/Legal Segment;3.1.4 Socio-Cultural Segment;3.1.5 Technological Segment;3.1.6 Global Segment;3.1.7 Summary of General Environmental Analysis;3.1.8 Industry Driving Forces;3.2 Industry Analysis;3.2.1 Description of the Industry;3.2.2 Industry Dominant Economic Features; Market Size; Market Growth Rate; Industry Trends;3.2.3 Five Forces Analysis; Threat of New Entrants; Power of Suppliers; Power of Buyers; Power of Substitutes; Intensity of Rivalry; Summary of Industry Analysis;3.3 Competition Analysis;3.3.1 Industry Competitors;3.3.2 Rivals Anticipated Strategic Moves;3.3.3 Summary of Competitive Analysis;3.3.4 Key Success Factors;4. Internal Analysis;4.1 Organizational Analysis;4.1.1 Corporate Values and Mission;4.1.2 Products and Services;4.1.3 Leadership;4.1.4 Organizational Culture;4.1.5 Current Organizational Structure;4.1.6 Current Corporate and Business Strategies;4.1.7 Summary of Organizational Analysis;4.2 Analysis of Firm Resources and Capabilities;4.2.1 Tangible Resources;4.2.2 Intangible Resources;4.2.3 Capabilities;4.2.4 Core Competencies and Sustainable Advantages;4.2.5 Summary of Firm Resources and Capabilities;4.3 Financial Analysis;4.3.1 Valuation Analysis;4.3.2 Growth Analysis;4.3.3 Profitability Analysis;4.3.4 Financial Strength Analysis;4.3.5 Management Efficiency Analysis;4.3.6 Summary of Financial Analysis;6. Strategy Recommendations;6.1 Evaluating Current Strategies and Identifying Major Strategic Issues;6.2 Recommendation 11;6.2.1 Proposed Strategy;6.2.2 Recommendation Justification and Implementation Plan;6.3 Recommendation 2;6.3.1 Proposed Strategy;6.3.2 Recommendation Justification and Implementation Plan;7. References;1 Your recommendations should be targeted to solve your strategic issues you identified in 6.1. Number of;recommendations depends on how many ?major? strategic issues you identified. Normally you can have two;or three recommendations.


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