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Pretend you work in sales at NetKing, a manufacturer of networking hardware




Pretend you work in sales at NetKing, a manufacturer of networking hardware (cables, connectors, servers, etc.). You hear that Sinclair is going to build a new building and will be installing a network throughout. Sinclair has an IT staff, but they have also hired a consulting firm to provide recommendations as to what type of network to install, what components are needed, and in what quantity. Sinclair's IT staff will mainly be installing the software by themselves. The Vice-President of IT (Bob) told an IT project manager (Joe), to prepare an initial list of potential network hardware vendors that could fulfill the requirements of the job. The total amount spent by Sinclair on the project will be considerable.;Bob and Joe aren't the only members of the IT department at Sinclair. Amy is an analyst who works for Joe, the two have been dating for several months. However, this isn't a well-known fact since dating co-workers is not allowed at Sinclair. Also, Amber and Sid work in the IT department. There is also an administrative person who runs the IT office, as well as a student worker who helps the Administrative Assistant. The Administrative Assistant was instrumental in finding the consulting firm that Sinclair is using on this project.;Using this information, answer the following questions as they related to the NetKing purchasing decision. Keep in mind that personal relationships often influence decisions, even though they shouldn't. This information should be considered in your answer;1. Identify who would most likely be the key person(s) fulfilling each of the five buying center roles. Your answer should be easy to read (i.e. list each buying center member on a new line, use bullets/numbers before each buying center member, use bolding to highlight key points, do NOT have answer as one long paragraph, etc.). Your answer should clearly indicate 1) each of the five roles, 2) the title or name of the person(s) who would likely play each role (Not every person in the buying center is specifically mentioned. You will need to infer who the likely people will be), 3) why you feel they would play the role--using the role's definition in your explanation.;2. Explain what type of buying process you feel Sinclair would be using for this purchase and why (new buy, modified rebuy, or straight rebuy).


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