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Answer the following question in essay format. Your essay must include an introduction paragraph, main section consisting of two or more paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. You must address all relevant parts of each question.;Read the information from the case on Toni and answer the Questions for Case Study 10.1: "Individual Inducements;1. Name at least two motivational theories that could be applied to help motivate Toni. Summarize each theory and explain why it might work to motivate this employee.;You have just taken over a new area with six workers. Three have just completed their projects and need new assignments. Three are in the middle of their projects but not performing well. You have been brought in to motivate them. You decide to handle the three that need new assignments first -- Toni, Donna, and Sunil.;Toni is a temp worker barely getting by. She had a full-time job at another firm with 11 years seniority when the founder retired and liquidated the assets. Donna is at the highest pay grade in the department and has the highest title -- Senior Project Leader. She lives very comfortably and likes to read in many varied areas and create art in her spare time, and would quit and do that full-time if she could. Sunil is easily bored with committees and bureaucracy. He comes in every day ready to take charge. He likes to work and to get things done and then move on to the next job.;The three projects to be assigned are the Abruzzi Project, the Regional Extension Project, and the Tyler Bid. The Abruzzi project involves product development for a new line of stores selling, essentials, gadgets. The products are not new, many, like the calculator and the digital camera, have been around for awhile. Abruzzi stores will sell these and other items with unique designs. The Regional Extension Project involves using one work crew to construct four regional offices for your company, one per year for the next 4 years. The Tyler Bid is not a sure thing. A proposal needs to be worked up for what could become the Tyler Project and your firm has an excellent chance of winning the bid, resulting in the need for someone to commit to follow through and stay with the project for the next 8 to 10 years.;The three workers with ongoing projects are Scott, Kendra, and Carmella. All are underperforming. Scott claims (with some justification) that he has worked far harder than everyone else in the department for the past 7 years and now he is just "doing what they have been doing" -- average. He was given his project because of his work history and now he is the furthest behind. Kendra is looking for a promotion and a raise after her project is complete but doesn't seem to be working very hard to get it. Kendra thinks the other five people in your department plus about two dozen people outside the department all want the one promotion. You know that no one outside the department is interested or has a chance, and inside the department only Toni would want and need the work. As for Carmella, she has had a succession of short-lived bosses, none of whom took much notice of her. As she explains it, "Nothing bad happens to me if my projects are a little late and nothing good happens if I'm finished on time or early.


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