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This discussion posting relates to employment and social media.




This discussion posting relates to employment and social media. There are lots of opinions about the use of screening an applicant's social media presence as part of the hiring process. Here are two interesting articles to read on the topic. For this posting, you must Post First before you can see others' responses.;Please read this article: "Employers Continue to be Tentative About the Role of Social Media in their Hiring Process (Links to an external site.)". What are your general thoughts about the practice of screening social media? Also, there were two questions in the article about social media in the workplace concerning how much access should be allowed and how it affects productivity. Please give your opinions about this.;link::;Also, read the article "How Companies use Facebook to Hire and Fire Empoyees (Links to an external site.)" [includes an infographic]. Many people, college students especially, don't take this seriously enough. How might you convince your friends that they need to be more careful and that a single post or picture could have lasting implications on a career? If you have a relevant story to share that might help someone else, please do so (leave out names though).;link::;I NEED just one paragraphs each one FROM 6 to 8 lines??????????? so it will be to separate paragraphs;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Level of Detail: Show all work


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