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DISCUSSION QUESTIONS;1.;To foster teamwork and a culture of quality improvement, a new director of an;ambulatory care center in a hospital has begun holding twice-monthly management team;meetings, consisting of several physicians, nurses, physician assistants, financial managers, and;others. Attendance at these meetings has been erratic, and enforcing attendance is difficult;because many of these people report to their discipline chiefs rather than to the director of the;center. What advice would you give to this person to promote more consistent participation?;2.;A community task force has been formed to improve the coordination of care for the frail;elderly. Given the large number of people and agencies involved in providing services to this;population, how would you balance the need for representation with the need to keep the task;force size to a manageable level?;3.;You are a member of a hospital project team assigned to develop a new pediatric;oncology service line. Your team is expected to develop a business plan for presentation to the;senior management team and the hospital board. A specific timetable has been established for;producing a set of deliverables. The team leader is a well-known oncologist with a very strong;clinical background and reputation. However, his team leadership skills leave something to be;desired. Among other problems, meetings are cancelled at the last minute, delegation of tasks is;ambiguous, and the focus and direction of the project changes scope at virtually every meeting.;As a team member, what alternatives do you have to improve team management? Which;alternative would you select as having the best chance of success?;4.;Along with other hospital business managers, you have been a member of a management;team. Recently, you have been promoted, and your former business manager team members now;report to you. As the new leader of the management team, what challenges will you face in;managing the team? How would you approach these challenges?;5.;As described in this chapter, teams go through stages of development. As a team leader;what is the practical value to understanding these stages? How could this knowledge improve;your effectiveness as a team leader?


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