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Define ?viable? in terms of a company:




1. Define ?viable? in terms of a company;a. Possible;b. Able to turn a profit;c. Ability to live in its environment;2. Sustainability goals dictate that;a. Companies do everything in their power, regardless of cost, to always choose the most sustainable solution;b. Companies ONLY choose sustainable solutions;c. Companies find a healthy balance between sustainability goals and profit goals;d. Companies seek the highest profit, only incorporating sustainability goals once legally mandated to do so;3. From an ethics perspective, companies should follow practices in a foreign land that are;a. Within the limits of the foreign land?s laws;b. Within the limits of the home country?s laws, while not breaking any of the foreign land?s laws;4. The vast numbers of poor people in the world, in countries such as India and China, have;a. No economic power;b. Limited economic power;c. Substantial economic power in aggregate;5. The EPA Clean Air Act was created in;a. 2003;b. 1983;c. 1963;d. 1943;Fill in the blank (3 questions x 3points each = 9 points);6. The 7 environments a company must interrelate with are: commercial, technical, economic, social, political, educational and ____________.;7. The main goal of all companies, regardless of size or industry, is to ______________.;8. Sustainability dictates that we ensure that future generations have ___________ access to natural resources as we the current generation have.;Term / concept definition (7 questions x 5 points each = 35 points);9. Define the term ?biosphere?;10. Define the cradle to cradle concept.;11. Define sustainability jujitsu.;12. Define greenwashing.;13. Define bluewashing.;14. Define ?dematerialization?.;15. Define EMS.;Short answer (6 questions x 6 points each = 36 points);16. Briefly explain why projected population growth over the next 50 years is a sustainability concern. 1-2 sentences, incorporating one specific example.;17. Briefly describe what caused the failure of the sale of Hershey. What critical component of the deal did the board overlook? 1-3 sentences max.;18. 50 years from now it is determined that Company X polluted land and groundwater near their operations plant. Why would a regulatory approach have been better from the beginning, instead of a policing of fining the offender once the damage is done? 1-3 sentences.;19. Give a specific example of dematerialization. 1 sentence.;20. Name 5 classes of stakeholders of the Hershey company that would have been affected (good or bad) by the proposed sale of the company.;21. The Triple Bottom Line c;Additional Requirements;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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