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Annotated Bibliographies for Six Sigma Integration To (TQM): BUSI 610-D01 Liberty University-Literature Review Outline




Literature Review Outline;I. Introduction;a. In an increasingly more complex and competitive global business;world industries and organizations are seeking ways to increase;efficiency to ensure their continued growth and presence.;b. A variety of systems including Six Sigma have been implemented to;improve efficiencies in modern organizations.;II.;Hybrid Organizational Structures;a. Hybrid organizational systems have been at the forefront of business;structures.;i. Rooted in Toyota manufacturing lean manufacturing forms;ii. Six Sigma is continuous quality improvement developed by;Motorola;b. Total Quality Management is persuasive among adaptive horizontally;structured companies.;c. Six Sigma integrated into TQM to form a most efficient organization.;III.;Improving Project Management Processes through Six Sigma;a. Life cycle process called DMAIC (Define, measure, Analyze;Implement, and Control).;b. The process model called DFSS (Define for Six Sigma);c. Integrating frameworks and approaches through Project Management.;d. Future considerations must include framework and structural;management to integrate key elements of the Six Sigma and Project;management systems.;IV.;Conclusion;a. Little literature is available in published textbooks and books.;b. Most literature comes from manuals and consultant field.;c. Six Sigma and TQM is the key to modern adaptable, highly flexible;companies.;d. These processes are time consuming and require development.;e. As companies like Google, Amazon, and others grow look for more;published works concerning Six Sigma structures.;Running head: SIX SIGMA INTERGRATION INTO;According to Daft (2013), Techniques such as outsourcing, teams, Six Sigma quality programs;brainstorming, and the balanced scorecard have all been adopted without clear evidence that they;will improve efficiency or effectiveness. (Daft, p. 204, 2013).;Daft, R. L. (p. 204, 2013). Organization Theory & Design. Mason: South-Western, Cengage;Learning.;Easton, G. S., & Jerrell, S. L. (no. 2 1998). The effects of total qualtiy management on corporate;performance: an emperical investigation. Jouranl of Business, pp. 253-307.;Hammer, M. (2002, winter). "Process Management and the Future of Six Sigma". MIT Sloan;Management Review, pp. PP. 26-32.;Salvatore, D. (p. 82, 2012). Managerial economics in a global economy 7th ed. New York;Oxford University Press, Inc.


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