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For this assignment you will have to accept the following three assumptions.




For this assignment you will have to accept the following three assumptions. (You do not have to agree with them but you will need to accept them in order to respond to this assignment);1. Employee behavior is the most important factor in organizational success.;2. It is management?s responsibility for guiding/directing individual behavior so that each employee makes a maximum contribution to the success of the organization.;3. To be successful in guiding employee behavior, a manager must know and understand their employee?s well enough so they can make a clear assessment of WHY they behave as they do?;4. Using his/her understanding of human behavior (specifically his/her employees).can significantly improve his/her ability to predict how specific employees will respond/react in a given situation, thus increasing their ability to focus on improving employee?s contribution to organizational success.;Identify two people (imaginary employees) and as much as possible, each one should be different in personality, attitudes, work values, etc. As you describe them, give special attention to factors in Myers-Briggs types, Big Five personality factors and Holland?s topologies. (Assumptions 1 & 3);NOW, you?re the manager. You have just been given a HUGE assignment. The project could impact your future with the company and will definitely impact the ?bottom line? for the next year or so. The project will place lots of stress on you and your staff. There will be lots of extra work, long hours (sometimes weekends), working in teams and doing tasks that were not previously a part of their job.;Based on your knowledge of the two people you described above and your study of the material in this assignment, state how you ?predict? each of the two will respond. (Assumption 2) Second, assuming your predicted behavior is not what you desire, describe your approach to each of the two people to generate the expected/desired behavior. (Assumption 4);Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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