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Complete the General Products Britain case on page 219 of your textbook.




Complete the General Products Britain case on page 219 of your textbook. Your;response should be 2-3 pages in length (excluding the cover page and references).;You will be graded on how well you answer the case questions. Answering the case;questions involves identifying relevant facts from the case, applying the chapter concepts to the;case, and answering each question completely. Proper APA formatting is expected (cited;sources, cover page, reference page, etc.). Supplement and synthesize your analysis with;outsides scholarly sources. Your submission should be presented in the form of a business;document. Presentation counts.;1);How would you evaluate Mitchell as a follower? How would you evaluate his;courage and style?;2);If you were Mitchell, would you confront Garrow and share your honest;feelings and frustrations?;3);If you were Garrows boss and Mitchell came to see you, what would you;say?;NOTE: This one is a sample one, I took it online..;I couldnt find the case study for you to read itI will keep looking and let know The;book name is Leadership Experience by Richard L. Daft 5e. I will we write it down and attach it;later on today;Carl Mitchell recently accepted a position with General Products Inc. in Britain. General;Products is a multinational consumer corporation. George Garrow is the general manager in;charge of the British branch (Daft, 2011). Mr. Garrow is the type of manager who does not;provide motivation to his employees. He is not a servant leader. He seems to be more interested;in his own career than those that he leads. Mr. Mitchell reports to Mr. Garrow. Empowering;leadership is to encourage followers to take initiative, to manage and control their own behavior;that is to engage in self-leadership (Thoroughgood, 2011). Mr. Garrow does not know this skill.;Empowering leaders, delegate significant responsibilities related to their followers' own jobs. An;empowering leader is one who leads others to influence themselves to achieve high performance;not one who leaves others doing whatever they want to do (Seokhwa Yun, 2006). Empowering;leaders believe that followers themselves are an influential source of wisdom and direction, and;strive to develop followers who are effective at self-leadership. They create the context within;followers so they may fully utilize their capabilities. Carl Mitchells style is best described as;self-leadership (Seokhwa Yun, 2006). As a follower, Mr. Mitchell was hopeful and willing to;follow his leader but Mr. Garrow let Carl Mitchell down as a leader. I can imagine that Mr.;Mitchells motivation has been damaged. Carl Mitchell is frustrated as a follower of Mr.;Garrows. Mr. Mitchell should confront Mr. Garrow and share with him his frustrations. If he;does not do this, it can lead to a poor leader/follower relationship between Mr. Mitchell and Mr.;Garrow. Trust is the foundation of this leader/follower relationship (Seokhwa Yun, 2006).;Without a sense of trust among the members, there can be no relationship. Research also shows;that when trust is high in a group/organization the group members...;(2012, 08). Analyzing Case Study: General Products Britain Branch. Retrieved 08, 2012;from


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