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BUSA 3320 Fall 2014-The Tao of Enron Essay Assignment




The Tao of Enron Essay Assignment;BUSA 3320 Fall 2014;1. Explain briefly what is meant by the ?tao? of Enron. Describe the tao of Enron. Give at least one example from the book. (200-250 words);2. C.S. Lewis tells us that humans are guided by either their heads (reason), their stomach/guts (appetites), or their chests (hearts/morals). Describe the behavior of Enron?s leaders in these terms and how it affected the Enron culture. Give at least one example from the book. (200-500 words);3. What role did Sherron Watkins play as the moral voice of Enron? (100-150 words).;The Tao of Enron Essay Assignment;


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