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This is an assignment which is an APA style (at least 5 references).




Word Length: 2000 words;This is an assignment which is an APA style (at least 5 references). You have to;write by your own words. I will provide you the integrative Case Study for you.;Thank you very much!!!!;Topic;The goal of this project is to provide a plan for organisational development and change in;a specific organisational context, from the perspective of change agent/organisation consultant.;The focal context for this final project can either be;Option 1 - an organisation you are familiar with/currently work for (or have recently worked;for) OR;Option 2 - the integrative Case Study;Please note that if you select Option 2, you must clearly indicate that your project will be;based on the Specified Case as provided. You must cite the full reference of the case.;If you select Option 2, you must consider all organisational details as relevant and;important, but you must devise and argue your own change process rather than mimicking;any processes that might be included in the case study. In other words, use the case study;simply to provide you with a context for devising and presenting your own change program.;Your project structure, including its outline, should comprise two major sections.;Section 1 Summary of the Case Context: In this section, you should summarise key relevant;features regarding your case context.;- If your context fits Option 1, relevant features could include: a brief description of the;organisation and its purpose/mission, a picture of the organisation's structure and of your;role/location within that structure, a summary of the size and complexity of the;organisation, and a brief history that gives a background for the diagnosis of the problem;or need to be addressed by the change process.;- If your context fits Option 2, relevant features could include: a description of the;organisation and its purpose/mission, a description of the organisation's structure, a;summary of the size/complexity of the organisation (if such details are available or can be;deduced based on the case description), and a description of the organisation and its;purpose/mission.;Section 2 The Development/Change Plan and Process: Irrespective of the Focal Context;Option chosen, your proposed plan and process must draw upon a wide range of appropriate and;relevant unit concepts and processes (remember, this project assesses the entire unit) and must;include the following five (5) sub-sections;1. Identification (diagnosis) of the problem to be addressed along with the symptoms you;see to be reflecting the need for change;2. a discussion of how you would approach this change task as an agent/organisational;consultant;3. a discussion of the planned change process/ways of creating readiness and the;interventions you would argue for;4. a discussion of how communication, and readiness would be handled, and;5. a discussion of how you would evaluate the change effort and learn from unanticipated;outcomes.;In Section 2, you should link your discussions and proposals back to relevant organisational;examples and/or case material (as relevant for your chosen option). It should be clear both what;and why you are proposing various activities and processes.;Remember, you are showcasing your involved learning in the whole of this unit. It might be;useful to think of this final project as an activity you might undertake to convince an accrediting;organisation or a potential client organisation of your prowess in organisational development and;change.;Your project will be marked according to the following criteria, irrespective of the option;you choose;For Section 1 [contributes 10% to your overall mark];Clarity of Contextual Summary - how clearly you summarise relevant contextual;details (comprises 5% of your mark), and;Completeness of Contextual Summary how comprehensive your contextual summary;is in terms of relevant background detail (comprises 5% of your mark).;For Section 2 [contributes 90% to your overall mark];Soundness of the Proposed Programme - the soundness of your proposed program in;terms of being able to convince the reader that the programme looks well-thought out;appropriate to the context and problem and has a chance of success (comprises 15% of;your mark);Breadth of Considerations in Designing the Programme - how comprehensive the;change programme is in dealing with various important change issues and processes;(comprises 15% of your mark), and;Adequacy of Detail in the Five Sub-sections - how appropriately you employ, at a;detailed level, various concepts and illustrations/examples/short stories/narratives to;inform your program design, as reflected in each of the five sub-sections (comprises 12%;of your mark for each sub-section for a total of 60%).


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