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What is meant by data independence? Explain your answer.




Part 1;#1. What is meant by data independence? Explain your answer.;#2. Identify two benefits of separating application software from the;Database management system.;#3. Identify the level within a database system (user, programmer of;Application software, and designer of the DBMS software) at which;Each of the following concerns or activities occurs;a. How should data be stored on a disk to maximize efficiency?;b. Is there a vacancy on flight 243?;c. Could a relation be stored as a sequential file?;d. How many times should a user be allowed to mistype a password before the conversation is terminated?;e. How can the PROJECT operation be implemented?;#4. In terms of the relations shown below, what is the appearance of;the relation RESULT after executing each of these instructions;X relation Y relation;U V W R S;A Z 5 3 J;B D 3 4 K;C Q 5;a. RESULT <- PROJECT W from X;b. RESULT <- SELECT from X;where W = 5;c. RESULT <- PROJECT S from Y;d. RESULT = Y.R;#5. Design a relational database containing information about music;composers, their lives, and their compositions. (Avoid redundancies);Part 2;#1. Suppose a sequential file contains 50,000 records, and 5;milliseconds are required to interrogate an entry. How long should we;expect to wait when retrieving a record from the middle of the file?;#2. The chapter drew parallels between a traditional file index and the;file directory system maintained by an operating system. In what;ways does an operating system?s file directory differ from a traditional;index?;#3. Explain one advantage that;a. a sequential file has over an indexed file;b. a sequential file has over a hash file;c. an indexed file has over a sequential file;d. an indexed file has over a hash file;e. a hash file has over a sequential file;f. a hash file has over an indexed file;Attachments Preview


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