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Which of the following is NOT true about Bluetooth?




Which of the following is NOT true about Bluetooth?;Answer It is a wireless connection.;Bluetooth is the fastest connection of all ports.;Bluetooth uses a low-bandwidth protocol.;Devices using Bluetooth must be no more than 30 feet apart..;2 points;Question 5;RSS stands for ________.;Answer Really Smart Simulations;Real Time Syndications;Really Simple Syndication;Real Simple Simulations.;2 points;Question 6;The ________ is a global effort in which bioengineers are creating realistic computer simulations of all systems and features of the human anatomy.;Answer BrainGate Project;RFID Project;Y2K Project;Physiome Project.;2 points;Question 7;Match the following monitor terms to their definitions.;Answer - A. B. C. D. contrast ratio;Read Answer Items for Question 7;- A. B. C. D. brightness;Read Answer Items for Question 7;- A. B. C. D. viewing angle;Read Answer Items for Question 7;- A. B. C. D. response time;Read Answer Items for Question 7;Answer A. the time it takes a pixel to change color;B. the difference in light intensity between the brightest white and the darkest black colors a monitor can produce;C. measured in candelas per square meter;D. tells how far you can move to the side of (or above or below) the monitor before the image quality degrades to unacceptable levels.;2 points;Question 8;The Windows key on a keyboard is specific to the Windows operating system.;Answer True;False.;2 points;Question 9;Match the following terms to their meaning.;Answer - A. B. C. D. E. input device;Read Answer Items for Question 9;- A. B. C. D. E. peripheral device;Read Answer Items for Question 9;- A. B. C. D. E. output device;Read Answer Items for Question 9;- A. B. C. D. E. motherboard;Read Answer Items for Question 9;- A. B. C. D. E. system unit;Read Answer Items for Question 9;Answer A. device used to enter data;B. device that sends processed data;C. contains the central electronic components of a computer;D. external device that exchanges data with the computer through ports;E. the metal or plastic case that houses the power source and all the storage devices of a computer.;2 points;Question 10;Inkjet printers and laser printers are examples of ________ printers.;Answer impact;dot-matrix;thermal;nonimpact.;2 points;Question 11;Where should you place your mouse?;Answer level with the keyboard;on the left side of your desk;below the keyboard;on the right side of your desk.;2 points;Question 12;USB ports are causing serial and parallel ports to become legacy technology.;Answer True;False.;2 points;Question 13;Data mining is the process of searching huge amounts of data with the hope of finding a pattern.;Answer True;False.;2 points;Question 14;Which is the slowest method of connecting to the Internet?;Answer DSL;cable;dial-up;satellite.;2 points;Question 15;Which of the following ports has the fastest data transfer rate?;Answer FireWire;USB;SVGA;VGA.;2 points;Question 16;Which of the following is not an optical storage device?;Answer DVD;Blu-ray;flash drive;CD.;2 points;Question 17;A(n) ________ is where a peripheral device can attach to a computer so that data can be exchanged between it and the operating system.;Answer drive;expansion bus;slot;port.;2 points;Question 18;All function keys on all keyboards work the same in all programs.;Answer True;False.;2 points;Question 19;Becoming computer literate includes being able to understand and form knowledgeable opinions on the challenges facing a digital society.;Answer True;False.;2 points;Question 20;A set of programs that searches the Web to find information is called a ________.;Answer phisher;breadcrumb trail;search engine;browser.;2 points;Question 21;is the science revolving around building devices on an extremely small scale.;Answer Computer forensics;Artificial intelligence;Microtechnology;Nanotechnology.;2 points;Question 22;binary digits (or bits) combine to create one byte.;Answer Two;Ten;Sixteen;Eight.;2 points;Question 23;is a field of study focused on information handling and retrieval of information automatically.;Answer RFID;Information technology;Computer forensics;Database mining.;2 points;Question 24;Trend-spotting programs developed for business have been used to predict criminal activity.;Answer True;False.;2 points;Question 25;The goal of ________ is to provide solutions to physical problems, such as providing sight to the blind.;Answer RFID technology;3D animations;computer forensics;biomedical chip research.;2 points;Question 26;Which of the following is TRUE when you compare laptop and desktop computers?;Answer Laptops are less likely to be stolen.;Laptops are less expensive.;Desktops are less likely to be infected with a virus.;Desktops are faster..;2 points;Question 27;Where should your forearms be positioned when you are using the keyboard?;Answer with your elbows away from your sides;parallel to the ground;slanting upward;slanting downward.;2 points;Question 28;What is a major difference between a desktop and a laptop?;Answer the ability to connect to the Internet;the amount of memory available;the ability to connect to a network;the cost and size.;2 points;Question 29;A(n) ________ is a keyword or term that is assigned to a piece of information such as a Web page, digital image, or video and describes the site so that it can be found again by browsing or searching.;Answer tag;keyword;bookmark;index.;2 points;Question 30;Match the following keyboards to their function.;Answer - A. B. C. D. E. Dvorak;Read Answer Items for Question 30;- A. B. C. D. E. QWERTY;Read Answer Items for Question 30;- A. B. C. D. E. flexible;Read Answer Items for Question 30;- A. B. C. D. E. virtual laser;Read Answer Items for Question 30;- A. B. C. D. E. ergonomic;Read Answer Items for Question 30;Answer A. best to eliminate wrist strain;B. design helps you type faster;C. projects the image of a keyboard;D. commonly referred to as a standard keyboard;E. very portable.;2 points;Question 31;Hardware refers to the programs that give commands to the computer.;Answer True;False.;2 points;Question 32;is a social networking service that enables you to exchange short text messages with your friends or "followers.;Answer Facebook;Twitter;Yahoo! Text;MySpace.;2 points;Question 33;In the URL, which part is the protocol?;Answer http;;index.html;;2 points;Question 34;is the nerve center of any digital home, allowing you to interface with the different digital devices connected to the network.;Answer The Internet;A computer;A server;A modem.;2 points;Question 35;You cannot be called computer literate unless you have knowledge of higher level computer skills, such as computer programming.;Answer True;False.;2 points;Question 36;Which of the following broadband services transfers data at the speed of light?;Answer satellite;DSL;cable;fiber-optic.;2 points;Question 37;To set up a(n) ________, you must have an appropriate computer and digital devices connected to a home network.;Answer Web site;digital home;e-business;digital entertainment center.;2 points;Question 38;Which of the following is NOT typical computer support that you would be offered when you are buying a computer from the manufacturer?;Answer in store;on site;by phone;online.;2 points;Question 39;is the place in a computer where the programs and data the computer is currently using are stored.;Answer The CPU;RAM;The power supply;ROM.;2 points;Question 40;The primary use for the Internet is searching.;Answer True;False.;2 points;Question 41;The S-video and the ________ ports on a computer facilitate connecting the computer to multimedia devices such as TVs and DVD players.;Answer DVI;parallel;AVI;USB.;2 points;Question 42;Personal information such as your full name and ________ should not be a part of a blog profile.;Answer physical address;personal Interests;URL;e-mail.;2 points;Question 43;You can increase the number of USB ports on your computer by adding a(n) ________.;Answer expansion hub;jump drive;external drive;repeater.;2 points;Question 44;Medical students can train on ________ and experience firsthand how a human would react to a particular treatment.;Answer robots;patient simulators;mannequins;a 3D anatomical system.;2 points;Question 45;Facebook and MySpace are considered to be ________.;Answer business-to-business Web sites;e-commerce Web sites;social networking Web sites;phishing Web sites.;2 points;Question 46;Which of the following is NOT true about laptop computers?;Answer They are portable.;They are faster than desktop computers.;They have limited battery life.;They cost more than desktop computers..;2 points;Question 47;The colors displayed by an LCD monitor are made by combining which of the following colors?;Answer black, yellow, and cyan;red, green, and blue;white, black, and yellow;red, green, and black.;2 points;Question 48;services use special strands of optically pure glass or plastic that are as thin as a human hair to transmit data.;Answer Fiber-optic;Cable;DSL;Satellite.;2 points;Question 49;A printer's resolution is measured in ________.;Answer dpi;ppm;ppr;pixels.;2 points;Question 50;A(n) ________ uses an internal sensor or laser to detect the mouse's movement.;Answer MoGo mouse;optical mouse;wireless mouse;trackball mouse


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