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List and define the 5 levels of software design.




1. Define software construction in one paragraph.;2. Name and describe the 5 components that make up the construction design process.;3. What is a construction prerequisite? Name at least two describing how they are important to the construction design process.;4. Define software architecture. Name and describe at least three components of this process.;5. Discuss the three sources of program complexity supplying one paragraph for each.;6. List three desirable design characteristics stating why they can be of great benefit to a project as a whole.;7. List and define the 5 levels of software design.;8. Define the following terms: abstraction, inheritance, and information hiding.;9. List two areas of change that may be seen during the design process and discuss each in at least one paragraph.;10. List three major design heuristics explaining how they can help in the software development process.


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