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A (n) _____ file consists solely of standard characters.




Fill in the Blank;1. A (n) _____ is a collection of data that has been given a name and stored in a file.;2. Data files are often made up of records, which consist of one or more items called _____.;3. A (n) _____ file consists solely of standard characters.;4. A (n) _____ file may contain non-standard characters.;5. To access the fifth record in a (n) _____ file, we must read the first four records first.;6. To access the fifth record in a (n) _____ file, we don?t need to read the first four records first.;7. In the technique of _____, the program exits a loop or module and performs an action whenever the value of a specified variable changes or reaches a predetermined level.;8. The ?specified variable? of Exercise 7 is called the _____ variable for the process.;True or False;9. T F A program file contains data that is to be used by various programs.;10. T F A data file can be used by more than one program.;11. T F A data file can store a program?s output for future use.;12. T F Word processors are designed to be able to read all binary files.;13. T F If a file is opened for Output, and a file of that name already exists in that folder, then all data on the latter file is erased.;14. T F The statement;Write Data File, Number transmits the value of Number to the file with internal name DataFile;15. T F When a file is opened for Input, data can be written from the program to that file.;16. T F When a file is closed, the connection between the internal and external names is terminated.;17. T F If a single record is to be changed in a sequential file, then the entire file must be rewritten to a temporary file.;18. T F Some programming languages contain statements that can be used to delete and rename files.;19. T F After merging two sequential files that are sorted in ascending order, the resulting merged file will also be sorted in ascending order.;20. T F To merge two sequential files, they must first be opened for Output.;Short Answer;21. Write a program, by inputting names from the user, that will create a sequential file with the contents ?Arthur? ?Michael? ?Sam?.;22. Write a program that will display the contents of the sequential file of Exercise 21 on the user?s screen.


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