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BUSC 150 Midterm -Essay Style Answer-Describe in detail and elaborate on the relationship era of marketing




1. Describe in detail and elaborate on the relationship era of;marketing.;Essay Style Answer Required;2. What are the four components of the 'SWOT' analysis? Be specific when;answering. Think of a company for each element and detail your thoughts. It can;be one company or a different one for each category.;Essay Style Answer Required;3. What are the benefits of green marketing? Give several examples of;companies that are in the forefront of using green products or services to;enhance their businesses.;Essay Style Answer Required;4. Explain the difference between e-business and e-marketing. Note a;company or companies that stand out in each category.;Essay Style Answer Required;5. Why is the study of consumer behavior important to marketers? In;addition what the text says, state your opinion as well.;Essay Style Answer Required;6. What are some of the problems that U.S. marketers face in dealing;with international buying centers?;Essay Style Answer Required;7. What is a franchise? Be specific with a definition in your response.;Give three examples of franchise businesses you have purchased from over the past;few years.;Essay Style Answer Required;8. Distinguish between primary and secondary data. Give an example of;each type.;Essay Style Answer Required;9. What is the role of 'positioning' in a marketing strategy? Give an;example of two companies who are positioned well in the marketplace in terms of;perceived value from the consumer's viewpoint.;Essay Style Answer Required;10. How is customer satisfaction measured? Give examples from the text;and also list several of your own experiences where a business has solicited;your opinion on their product or service.;Essay Style Answer Required


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