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Which of the following is a popular way to enter into international service markets?




Which of the following is a popular way to enter into international service markets?;Direct exports;Foreign direct investments;Franchising;Indirect exports;1 points;QUESTION 2;When internationalizing, entrepreneurs are advised to be;Timid;Bold;Compulsive;Inflexible;1 points;QUESTION 3;is defined as a combination of innovative, proactive, and risk-seeking behavior that crosses national borders and is intended to create wealth in organizations.;Foreign direct investment;International entrepreneurship;International alliance partnering;Microfinancing;1 points;QUESTION 4;Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for ____ percent of the number of firms worldwide.;50;95;12;80;1 points;QUESTION 5;is at the heart of entrepreneurship.;Vision;Leadership;Innovation;Financing;1 points;QUESTION 6;Which is a major reason for China looking more towards informal financing?;Microfinancing is a widespread effort.;There is a lack of formal institutions such as venture capitalists.;The Chinese government outlaws formal financing.;Family relationships are valued highly, so investors turn towards them first.;1 points;QUESTION 7;A major drawback for foreign direct investment (FDI) is;Cost;Control;Physical closeness;Commitment;1 points;QUESTION 8;The key differentiator between rapidly and slowly internationalizing SMEs is;The amount and speed of foreign direct investment.;The international experience of entrepreneurs.;The ability to apply new technology.;Formal institutions and government regulation.;1 points;QUESTION 9;Which of the following would most likely foster more entrepreneurship?;Individualistic and high uncertainty-avoidance;Collectivistic and high uncertainty-avoidance;Collectivistic and low uncertainty-avoidance;Individualistic and low uncertainty-avoidance;1 points;QUESTION 10;Which of the following is NOT a defining characteristic of entrepreneurship?;Opportunity;Discovery;Exploration;Age;1 points;QUESTION 11;Which of the following is NOT a part of VRIO?;Value;Resources;Limitability;Organization;1 points;QUESTION 12;perform an important "middleman" function by linking sellers and buyers overseas.;Export intermediaries;Indirect exporters;Sporadic exporters;Alliance partners;1 points;QUESTION 13;The term for a global movement to help eradicate poverty by providing financing is;Foreign direct investments;Microfinancing;Venture capital investment;Entrepreneurship;1 points;QUESTION 14;All of the following are resources and capabilities of start-up ventures EXCEPT;Strong vision;Entrepreneurial drive;Leadership;Longstanding presence;1 points;QUESTION 15;Which is not one of the four major characteristics associated with a growing entrepreneurial firm?;Growth;Financing;Inimitable;Internationalization;1 points;QUESTION 16;Born global" is a term referring to;Establishing large firms with major international networks;Entrepreneurial firms that attempt to internationalize from inception;The newest generation of entrepreneurs;Firms that focus on domestic issues first, then cautiously approach international opportunities.;1 points;QUESTION 17;Which of the following is NOT one of the 5 strategies for entrepreneurial SMEs to internationalize without leaving their home country?;Become suppliers for foreign firms;Export indirectly;Outsource administrative work;Harvest and exit through sell-offs;1 points;QUESTION 18;is the method of sending out exports based on unsolicited inquiries.;Direct exporting;A letter of credit;SME exporting;Sporadic exporting;1 points;QUESTION 19;Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are defined as;Firms with fewer than 50 departments in the European Union and fewer than 25 departments in the United States;Firms with fewer than 50 departments in the United States and fewer than 25 departments in the European Union;Firms with fewer than 500 employees in the European Union and fewer than 250 employees in the United States;Firms with fewer than 500 employees in the United States and fewer than 250 employees in the European Union;1 points;QUESTION 20;Which is NOT one of the three broad modes for entering foreign markets?;Licensing/franchising;Direct exports;Microfinancing;Foreign direct investment


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