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Where are the cp and wc programs located in the file system?




THis is under linux.;1How can you get man to print all the commands that have a specific word in their man page (or at least the description part of the man page)? (hint: man man);2Where are the cp and wc programs located in the file system?;3What executable programs have names that are just one character long, and what do they do?;4Suppose a command is scheduled by cron to execute at 02:30 every day. When daylight saving time begins, and the clock jumps forward from 02:00 to 03:00, when (if at all) is the command run? How about when daylight saving time ends, and the clock jumps backward from 03:00 to 02:00?;5When you execute the command named by the symbolic link /usr/bin/cc, which file actually is executed?;6The chmod program changes permissions on a file. What does the symbolic mode g-s mean, in terms of permissions?;7The find program lets you search for files. What program, related to find, lets you do the same thing faster?;8What option to find lets you search for files that have been modified in the last 3 days?;9Use the previous answer to find all directories modified in the last 3 days.;10Of the files in the same directory as find, how many of them are symbolic links?;Who wrote the ls program?;11What is the oldest regular file in the /usr/lib directory?;12Several useful commands start with wh. Which one will tell me my name? Which one will tell me what the previous one does?;13Which one will tell me the location of the program that will run if I type the program name at the prompt?;14In Vim, what does the dw command (in command mode) do?;15Where does the locale command get its data from?


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