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What does it mean if a directory has execute permissions?




1. What happens if you give the following command when the file called bone already exists?;% cp stuff bone;What happens if you give the following command instead?;% mv stuff bone;2. What command would you use to have a file DeRerumNatura.txt printed in 3 side-by-side columns? 3. What command line displays the system documentation for the handin utility?;4. What command would you use to make your home directory the working directory? What command identifies the working directory?;5. If your working directory is /home/selma/ecs30, how would you create the subdirectory called hw1.;6. What sequence of commands (or single command) can you use to remove a directory called /home/prem/embarrassing_stuff and all of its contents, and the contents of all it?s subdirectories.;7. (Will not be graded, only for those who are interested) Can Prem be sure (after he deletes it) that no one will know he had such a directory at one time?;?8. Based on the following result from ls -l;% ls ?l total 1764 -rw-r--r-- drwx------ -rwxr-xr-x -rw-r--r-- -rw-r--r-- %;31 prem;2 prem;5 prem;7 prem;7 prem;users;users;users;users;users;688949 Oct 5 22:54 File1.dat 4096 Oct 17 09:14 private;28855 Oct 6 15:49 timetest.PC.out 774 Sep 29 15:17 vector.c;1398 Sep 29 15:17 vector.h;a. Is vector.c a regular file?;b. Is private a regular file?;c. May members of the users group read the private file?;d. What command can prem use to give permission to everyone to write vector.h? What would the permssions flags be for;vector.h after executing the command? e. When was vector.c last modified?;f. What does the 31 for File1.dat mean?;9. What does it mean if a directory has execute permissions?;10. How would display only the first three lines of vector.h?;11. What is the command to turn in your file named first.c to the hw2 directory of the cs30a account? What is the command to find out what directories to which you can submit files in the cs30a account?;Additional Requirements;Level of Detail: Show all work


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