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Explain the differences why are most photographic images stored in a lossy format?




1. Images can be stored as lossless or lossy bitmaps. Explain the differences why are most photographic images stored in a lossy format?;2. Duy prints digital photographs to be hung in art galleries. Each photo contains 4,000 x 3000 pixels and uses the RGB colour scheme with a bit depth of 24.;a. Duy wants to reduce the storage space used to store his photographs, but wants to keep the same dimensions for each photograph. Suggest two things that Duy could do to reduce the storage space needed, and briefly explain how you will help.;b. One day someone comments to Duy that they find it strange that he should use an additive colour scheme such as RGB for printing photographs on paper. Explain the difference between additive and subtractive colour models, and give an example of each.;3. Ngoc?s Disco is a music recording business. One of Ngoc?s clients records a song of 3 minutes in length at a sampling rate of 96,000 Hz and in stereo.;a. If Ngoc reduces the dynamic range of recording, and manages to reduce the file size by around 25%. Explain how this reduction is possible without reducing the sound quality.;b. Explain how the 6-minute monologue could be further reduced in size without reducing sound quality, and without changing file format (i.e. without changing to say MP3 or Ogg Vorbus format);Reflection;It used to be that photographs were put into old boxes and never organised into photo albums. Now photographs are put onto hard discs and never organised into slideshows. Nothing has changed, only the technology we use to waste our time and resources." Do you agree with this statement? How might there be a technological solution to this problem? (Hint: what is your screensaver?).


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