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You are the project manager of a home improvement project.




1.) You are the project manager of a home improvement project. One of the work packages in your plan called for painting 10 equally sized rooms. The budgeted cost of this work package was a total of $2,000. In your team meeting you are told that 6 of the rooms have been painted. What is the earned value (EV) of the work completed?;2.) Identify, briefly describe and give an example of each of the four Stages of Team Development and Growth (Project Team Development).;3.) Based on the following information, calculate the ES, EF, LS, and LF times and slack for each activity. In addition, identify the critical path and the amount of time needed to complete the project.;Activity Time Immediate Predecessor;A 3 -;B 3 -;C 4 A;D 5 A;E 6 B;F 7 C, D, E;4.) One of your colleagues, a new project manager, has approached you with a question because she knows you have taken the CS 400 course at Fisher College. She has asked you to review her Post-Project Evaluation agenda.;The agenda includes;1: Technical performance;2: Budget Performance;3: Schedule Performance;4: Vacation plans for team members;5: Project Planning and Control;6: Customer relationships;7: Marketing for new customers;8: Team relationships;9: Problem identification and resolution;10: Promotion opportunities;11: Recommendation for future projects;How would you advise her?


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