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Leadership In a Dynamic Technological Environment Paper:




A. Leadership In a Dynamic Technological Environment Paper: Each student will analyze the performance of the leadership of an organization (assigned by the instructor). The focus of this paper (4-6 pages) will be on the actions taken by the corporate leadership as a reaction to technological innovation in the marketplace.;For the purpose of assurance of learning, one score will be given, based on the student?s analysis of behavior of corporate leadership in the area of changing design processes and technology as a result of innovation in the marketplace (MBA 1-M).;(B) Contextualized (Globalized) Learning Goal(s);Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to;1. Track and chart the the strategic leadership process of an organization in order to ensure effective response to geopolitical events.;Assurance of Learning Validation (In support of the Contextualized (Globalized) Learning Goal(s));B1. See Assurance of Learning Validation A3, score 1.;(C) Instructor Specific Learning Goal(s) (Optional);None;Assurance of Learning Validation (In support of the Instructor Specific Learning Goal(s));None;for example we need to take any product and write 4 pages like disruptive innovation.....we need to write in own words it should not be copied from the internet i mean it should not be plagiarized.;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 4;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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