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Then please answer these 7 following questions.




Read this short article;;Then please answer these 7 following questions.;Assuming that you are the manager for the Mail Department, the department that was responsible for the delivery of the Fulbright package at the University of California - Berkeley, answer the following.;1. Perform a gap analysis ? paying careful attention to your delineation of the desired state.;2. Identify briefly what you would do at the following times;3PM of the final mailing date;4PM;5PM;6PM;3. In the scenario where for whatever reason you were not in your department the day the package was to be sent, what would you do if you did not learn about this situation until the following day?;4. What would you do to ensure this never happened again?;5. Identify one illegal/ethical issue in this case and what would you do about it?;6. What person is the most effective person (that is, performed successfully as manager) in the case? Explain briefly.;7. Who was the least effective? Explain briefly.


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