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Create, plan, and manage a nonprofit organization.




Create, plan, and manage a nonprofit organization. The community issue intoxicated subjects roaming the downtown area of a city and affecting the economy. Second, create a nonprofit organization that will address the issue. Finally, plan your organization and write your paper.;Organization's Description;Describe the organization, its name, and its location. Discuss why you chose to create this organization. Explain why the organization is needed and its purpose. Also, provide a brief statement on the history and background of the problem in the community. Describe how your organization will address the needs of the community, the services it will provide, the programs it will offer, and the population (demographics) it will serve.;Mission Statement and Goals and Objectives;The mission statement summarizes why the organization exists and what it hopes to accomplish. Goals are clear statements of how the organization's mission will be accomplished. Objectives are stated measurements in dollars and percentages to determine the progress of activities required to achieve goals. The goals and objectives are a separate section.;Organizational Management;Describe the organizational structure, job descriptions of personnel, and their role in the organization. This includes staff, volunteers, and leaders such as those making organizational, financial, and policy decisions. Also, include a code of ethics that will address ethical issues related to conflict of interest, accountability, and transparency among personnel. (Ethics are covered in Week 7.);Action plans/Implementation/Activities;Describe the systematic process or steps the organization will take to achieve its goals and objectives. Also, discuss how the organization will utilize its resources such as board members, staff, volunteers, equipment, and software to fulfill the organization's mission.;Marketing Plan;Discuss whom the organization will target for funding and whom it will provide services to. Also, describe the techniques and strategies it will utilize to get the message out to the public.;Financial Management;Discuss how the organization will generate revenue by describing the types of funding and grants it will seek. Also, create a budget sheet that shows projected expenditures such as rent, payroll, equipment, and so on.;Evaluation Process;Describe the organization's plan to evaluate its performance and measure the impact of its services and programs for improvement.


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