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Business Ethics




Business Ethics;1. What was the focus of the Cadbury report?;a. Internal governance;b. Shareholder model;c. Stakeholder model;d. The triple botXXXXX XXXXXne;2. In a highly competitive environment, working on __________ targets, it can be easy to find justification for any act as being ?in the company?s best interest.?;a. future;b. intermediate;c. long-term;d. short-term;3. The term globalization has applications in all of the following EXCEPT which one?;a. Legal environment;b. Economic environment;c. Political environment;d. Commercial environment;4. The study of how ethical theories are put into practice refers to;a. applied ethics.;b. normative ethics.;c. descriptive ethics.;d. meta-ethics.;5. All of the following are key functions of an organization EXCEPT;a. sales.;b. information systems.;c. marketing.;d. R&D.;6. The audience for the code of ethics would be;a. investors.;b. stakeholders.;c. employees.;d. customers.;7. __________ whistle-blowing rarely see the light of media attention.;a. Governmental;b. Internal;c. Coercive;d. External;8. All of the following are stakeholders EXCEPT;a. customers.;b. Federal government.;c. competitor.;d. community.;9. The __________ was hailed as one of the most important pieces of legislation governing the behavior of accounting firms and financial markets since the (SEC) legislation in the 1930s.;a. U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations;b. Ethics Resource Center;c. Sarbanes-Oxley Act;d. Foreign Corrupt Act;10. The first wave of technological advancement in the workplace came with the establishment of;a. the Worldwide Web.;b. extranets.;c. call centers.;d. intranets.


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