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Each student will select one of the scenarios below and develop




In the final project, students will apply the knowledge gained in this course to a case example.;Each student will select one of the scenarios below and develop a 10-12 slide PowerPoint presentation to discuss the current status of the organization, provide an overview of the organization, and make recommendations on how to manage the selected problem. You must include one or more slides that address the degree to which the Affordable Care Act might impact these services. Use APA formatting references and your reference slides. For this presentation, your title slide does not have to be in APA format.;Info on FQHC?s here:;SCENARIO OPTIONS. Pick one of the scenarios below. Your role is the manager in charge of the clinic. Restate the problem you are addressing. Make some logical assumptions. Make brief recommendations as to a reasonable solution to the problem in the scenario.;1.Let?s assume Mercy Free Clinic is expanding its permanent offerings to include diabetes support groups and medication therapy management (free). With HIPAA regulations and cultural sensitivity in mind, how would your ?get the word out? about your new clinic services? How would you recruit patients when they are in the building for other health care services?;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 10;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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