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Which aspects of the leadership map are missing? (provide evidence




1.) Which aspects of the leadership map are missing? (provide evidence/examples). 2.) What are the consequences of these missing elements (provide examples). 3.) If you were a management consultant called in to fix the problem, what would you do?;Greyhound Bus Lines;Everyone agreed that Greyhound lines had problems. The company was operating on paper-thin margins and could not afford to dispatch nearly empty vehicles or have buses and drivers on call to meet surges in demand. In the terminals, employees could be observed making fun of passengers, ignoring them, and handling their baggage haphazardly. To reduce operating costs and to improve customer service, Greyhound's top executives put together a reorganization plan that called for massive cuts in personnel, routes, and services, along with the computerization of everything from passenger reservations to fleet scheduling.;However, middle managers disagreed with the plan. Many felt that huge workforce reductions would only exacerbate the company's real problem regarding customer services. Managers in computer programming urged a delay in introducing the computerized reservation system called Trips, to work out bugs in the highly complex software. The human resources department pointed out that terminal workers often had less than a high school education and would need extensive training before they could be expected to use the system effectively. Terminal managers warned that many of Greyhound's low-income passengers didn't have credit cards or even telephones to use Trips. Despite the disagreements, executives rolled out the new system, emphasizing that the data they had studied showed that Trips would improve customer service, make ticket buying more convenient, and allow customers to reserve space on specific trips. A nightmare resulted. The time Greyhound operators spent responding to phone calls dramatically increased. Many callers couldn't even get through because of problems in the new switching mechanism. Most passengers arrived to buy their tickets and get on the bus just like they always had, but the computers were so swamped that it sometimes took 45 seconds to respond to a single keystroke and five minutes to print a ticket. The system crashed so often that agents frequently had to hand-write tickets. Customers stood in long lines, were separated from their luggage, missed connections, and were left to sleep in terminals overnight. Discourtesy to customers increased as a downsized workforce struggled to cope with a system they were ill trained to operate. Rider ship plunged sharply, and regional rivals continued to pick off Greyhound's dissatisfied customers.;The length of the papers are usually 3-5 typed pages.


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