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Please help with Unit 7 #4 bond amortization table items in red ONLY in advanced accounting. Please provide details on all calculations.;Attachment Preview;advanced sent to course hero.xlsx Download Attachment;PVAD=;PVA =;PV$1=;13.08532;12.46221;0.37689 n = 20;PMT #;1/120x8;1 7/1/20x8;2 1/120x9;I tried almost everything I could think of. I still don't know how to calculate amounts in RED;% = 5%;0.5;Interest $PMT interest Income;5000;5000;4351.26;4324.63;Amort of Discount (premium);premium discount bonds paybable BV of Bonds;6000;100000;106000;-648.74;5351.26;100000 105351.26;-675.37;4675.89;100000 104675.89;500000 issued;10%;semi ann;10 years;at 90;100000 bonds;106000 purchased;View Full Attachment


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