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what is the percentage change in productivity from April to May?




Questions 16, 17, 19, 20, 21 Chapter 2 in Excel (Questions in separate sheets in Excel). 16. Live Trap Corporation received the data below for its rodent cage production unit. Find;the total productivity.;Output Input;50,000 cages Production time 620 labor hours;Sales price: $3.50 per unit Wages $7.50 per hour;Raw materials (total cost) $30,000;Component parts (total cost) $15,350;17. Two types of cars (Deluxe and Limited) were produced by a car manufacturer last year.;Quantities sold, price per unit, and labor hours follow. What is the labor productivity for;each car? Explain the problem(s) associated with the labor productivity.;Quantity $/Unit;Deluxe car 4,000 units sold $8,000/car;Limited car 6,000 units sold $9,500/car;Labor, Deluxe 20,000 hours $12/hour;Labor, Limited 30,000 hours $14/hour;18. A U.S. manufacturing company operating a subsidiary in an LDC (less-developed;country) shows the following results;U.S. LDC;Sales (units) 100,000 20,000;Labor (hours) 20,000 15,000;Raw materials (currency) $20,000 FC 20,000;Capital equipment (hours) 60,000 5,000;a. Calculate partial labor and capital productivity fi gures for the parent and subsidiary.;Do the results seem confusing?;b. Compute the multifactor productivity fi gures for labor and capital together. Do the;results make more sense?;c. Calculate raw material productivity fi gures (units/$ where $1 5 FC 10). Explain why;these fi gures might be greater in the subsidiary.;19. Various fi nancial data for the past two years follow. Calculate the total productivity measure;and the partial measures for labor, capital, and raw materials for this company for;both years. What do these measures tell you about this company?;Last Year This Year;Output: Sales $200,000 $220,000;Input: Labor 30,000 40,000;Raw materials 35,000 45,000;Energy 5,000 6,000;Capital 50,000 50,000;Other 2,000 3,000;20. An electronics company makes communications devices for military contracts. The company;just completed two contracts. The navy contract was for 2,300 devices and took;25 workers two weeks (40 hours per week) to complete. The army contract was for 5,500;devices that were produced by 35 workers in three weeks. On which contract were the;workers more productive?;21. A retail store had sales of $45,000 in April and $56,000 in May. The store employs eight;full-time workers who work a 40-hour week. In April the store also had seven part-time;workers at 10 hours per week, and in May the store had nine part-timers at 15 hours per;40 section 1 STRATEGY, PRODUCTS, AND CAPACITY;week (assume four weeks in each month). Using sales dollars as the measure of output;what is the percentage change in productivity from April to May?


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