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services are performed in response to a request or a defined event




3. ____ services are performed in response to a request or a defined event, such as a help desk alert, an IDPS alarm, or a vendor alert of an emerging vulnerability.;5. A(n) ____ a type of IDPS that is similar to the NIDPS, reviews the log files generated by servers, network devices, and even other IDPSs.;6. ____ are methods for assessing the relative worth and operations of a subject of interest.;7. ____ services are undertaken to prepare the organization or the CSIRT constituents to protect and secure systems in anticipation of problems, attacks, or other events.;8. The ____ is a CSIRT team member, other than the team leader, who is currently performing the responsibilities of the team leader in scanning the organization?s information infrastructure for signs of an incident.;13. ____ is the transfer of live transactions to an off-site facility.;15. ____ are computer servers configured to resemble production systems, containing rich information just begging to be hacked.;16. ____ is the process of applying controls to reduce the risks to an organization?s data and information systems.;19. The focus during an AAR is on establishing who is to blame.;A) True;B) False;22. An advantage of outsourcing the IR process is the early notification of potential problems in the region.;A) True;B) False;23. A(n) ____ is a detailed examination of the events that occurred, from first detection to final recovery.;24. At a minimum, the CSIRT development plan should be reviewed annually.;A) True;B) False


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