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1.;NIST defines a(n) ____ as ?any observable occurrence in a system or network?;2.;The Public Relations Department helps InfoSec staff acquire personnel not already on hand to complete the CSIRT team.;A) True;B) False;3.;is the process of evaluating the circumstances around organizational events, determining which adverse events are possible incidents (incident candidates) and whether a particular adverse event constitutes an actual incident.;4.;The Incident Response Planning team (IRP team), should consist of individuals from all relevant constituent groups that will be affected by the actions of the frontline response teams;A) True;B) False;5.;A(n) ____ occurs when an incident that deserves attention is not reported.;6.;In an organization, unexpected activities occur periodically, these are referred to as ____.;7.;is a set of procedures that commence when an incident is detected.;8.;A(n) ____ is a detailed set of processes and procedures that anticipate, detect, and mitigate the effects of an unexpected event that might compromise information resources and assets.;9.;An example of a contradictory policy would be one that claims data security as a first priority and also requires complete privacy for all stakeholders.;A) True;B) False;10.;A(n) ____ is a sign that an adverse event is underway and has a probability of becoming an incident.;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1


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