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CBAD 363 questions-The Green House has a profit margin of 5.6 percent




1. The Green House has a profit margin of 5.6 percent on sales of $411,200. The firm currently;has 15,000 shares of stock outstanding at a market price of $11.60 per share. What is the priceearnings ratio?;2. Which of the following are advantages of the corporate form of organization?;I- Ability to raise large sums of equity capital;II- Ease of ownership transfer;III- Profits taxed at the corporate level;IV- Limited liability for all owners;3. Karl can afford car payments of $235 a month for 48 months. The bank will lend him money;to buy a car at 7.75 percent interest. How much money can he afford to borrow?;4. Your parents just gave you a gift of $15,000. You are investing this money for 12 years at 5;percent simple interest. How much money will you have at the end of the 12 years?


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