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MBA 712: Business Strategy Porter?s Five Forces Analysis: A Summary




Porter?s 5 forces industry analysis: analyze conditions impacting the profit potential of the pharmaceutical industry;a. What are the conditions creating rivalry among pharmaceutical companies?;b. Who are the suppliers to pharmaceutical companies?;Which of Porter?s conditions affect the power of supplier groups?;I need to do a 5 forces analysis first (#1) and then answer a-b. All of the research (online, journals, etc.) done needs to be cited with a footnote in MS word. The files I have added are not the only ones that should be used to formulate the answers.;there should be multiple conditions for (a) and multiple suplliers for (b). The 5 forces analysis for #1 should encompass all 5 forces and multiple conditions under each Buyers, Suppliers, Threat of entrants, rivalry, and substitutes should be covered in depth for the pharmaceutical industry.


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