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Which of the following is a characteristic of an effective reporting system




19 Which of the following is a characteristic of an effective reporting system?;a. SMART;b. KISS;c. MBO;d. LOWBALLING;20 Which of the following is an elapsed time task?;a. Paint is drying;b. A painter paints the wall;c. Software is being written;d. A sandwich is being made;21 An autocratic management style;a. Is effective in most project management situations;b. Is effective in highly routine efforts;c. Is effective in high flux, state-of-the-art projects;d. Will lead to the tyranny of the majority;22 A project team structure that closely reflects the physical structure of the deliverable is known as;a. Egoless;b. Specialty;c. Surgical;d. Isomorphic;23 The purpose of mid-project evaluation is;a. Continual monitoring of budget and estimates;b. To focus on achievement of individual element of the project plan;c. To determine whether the original objectives are still relevant;d. To re-baseline the project budget;24 If the latest time you can start a task is five hours into the project, and the earliest time is three and a half hours into the project, how much slack (also called float) does the task have?;a. 0.5 hours;b. 1.5 hours;c. 2.5 hours;d. 8.5 hours;25 In risk management, insurance is an example of;a. Risk avoidance;b. Risk deflection;c. Risk acceptance;d. Contingency planning;26 A four step risk assessment process reflecting standard risk management good practice consists of;a. Risk identification, Risk deflection, Risk impact analysis, Risk monitoring and control;b. Risk acceptance, Risk impact analysis, Risk response planning, Risk monitoring and control;c. Risk deflection, Contingency planning, Risk impact analysis, Risk monitoring and control;d. Risk identification, Risk impact analysis, Risk response planning, Risk monitoring and control;27 Structured Walk-Through is a methodology used in;a. PERT;b. GERT;c. VERT;d. Project Evaluation;28 If review of a project's status indicates that EV = $400, AC = $400, and PV = $500, the project is;a. On budget, behind schedule;b. On budget, ahead of schedule;c. Over budget, behind schedule;d. Over budget, ahead of schedule;29 The poor man's hierarchy is a method for;a. Project estimation;b. Project scheduling;c. WBS construction;d. Project selection;30 According to PMI, a WBS should focus on;a. Tasks;b. Deliverables;c. Interrelationships among activities;d. Cost of the project;31 If EV = $300, AC = $400, and the project budget is $1,000, what is the estimated final cost of the project (this is known as EAC, estimate at complete)?;a. $750;b. $1,000;c. $1,250;d. $1,333;32 Which of the following is a scope planning tool?;a. Benefit/cost analysis;b. WBS;c. Earned Value analysis;d. Fast tracking;33 In resource planning, one of the issues that needs to be considered is;a. Staff empowerment;b. Technical requirements of the project;c. Theory X management principles;d. Theory Y management principles;34 The bottom-most level of the WBS -- the level at which project budget and schedule data are captured -- is called;a. Work package;b. Code of accounts;c. Budget baseline;d. Change control level;38 Ensuring a one-to-one correspondence between specification items and general design items is a feature of;a. Scope statement definition;b. WBS construction;c. Rapid prototyping;d. Configuration management;39 Under what conditions may a project manager accept a change request?;a. If the request has no effect on project objectives, deadlines, or resources;b. If the request has no effect on project objectives, although it has effects on deadlines and resources;c. If the request is coming from a valued customer;d. If the request is from the Chief Executive Officer;40 Which of the following is not an activity carried out during project closeout?;a. Reassignment of project staff;b. Preparation of the project's baseline;c. Reassignment of material resources;d. Preparation of user manuals;41When crashing a project, we typically choose critical path tasks whose costs of crashing are highest.;True;False;42 The astute project manager typically uses only one management style in order not to confuse his/her teammates.;True;False;43 Concurrent engineering involves overlapping tasks and phases to accelerate a project's schedule.;True;False;44 A work package is to be found at the summary level of the WBS.;True;False;45 Milestones, like tasks, consume resources.;True;False;46 In project management, the level of uncertainty plays a major role in determining the adequacy of a project plan.;True;False;47 Using working time or elapsed time to calculate the time it will take to complete a task produces the same results.;True;False;48 Needs recognition is the first stage of the needs-requirement life cycle.;True;False;49 Functional requirements provide us with detailed technical specifications;True;False


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