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Question;1) What research method describes the structures of experience (AKA meanings) as they present;themselves to consciousness, without recourse to theory, deduction, or assumptions from other;disciplines?;A. Case study;B. Phenomenology;C. Grounded theory;D. Quasi-experimental;2) The logic of causal inference requires an experimental basis where two or more groups are;compared on one or more variables. In simplest form, an experiment also requires?;A. Random selection of subjects from a population;B. Elimination of subjects that seem resistant to treatments;C. Random assignment of subjects to treatment and control groups;D. Matching of subjects on key characteristics;3) The issue of generalizability is an aspect of?;A. Internal validity;B. Field experience;C. Research realism;D. External validity;4) A qualitative method where data is collected and the themes and concepts based on data;analysis emerge during the study?;A. Phenomenology;B. Hermeneutics;C. Ethnography;D. Grounded Theory;5) A Nomethetic approach to research focuses upon the study of?;A. Individuals;B. Groups;A. Individuals;C. Children;D. Non-Methetics;6) In the context of qualitative research design, the primary instrumentation to be used is?;A. Surveys;B. A quality research matrix;C. Observation protocols;D. The researcher;7) Intrinsic changes in subjects that take place over time and are not related to treatment effects is;known as?;A. Bias;B. Non-treatment effects;C. Maturation;D. Experimental variance;8) Which of the following analysis methods cannot be applied to experimental research?;A. T-tests;B. Regression analysis;C. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA);D. None of the above;9) An ethical necessity in conducting research with human subjects is to obtain?;A. An indemnification from litigation;B. Informed consent from participants;C. Access to sufficient data to complete the study;D. Applicable evidence that the study was not harmful;10) A quantitative design that involves multiple independent variables and combines all levels of;the independent variables with all other levels is know as?;A. Split design;B. ANOVA;C. Factorial Designs;D. Covariate Design;11) A quasi-experimental research design that looks much like an experiment but lacks;randomized assignment of subjects to treatment conditions is known as?;A. Interrupted Time Series Design;B. Repeated Measure Design;C. Nonequivalent Control Group Design;D. Ad Hoc Design;12) An idiographic method of research focuses upon?;A. An individual;B. A specific problem;C. A particular contextual setting;D. A particular group;13) Anything that can be identified as varying in assigned value can be a?;A. Hypothesis;B. Perspective;C. Variable;D. Constant;14) One reason given for Mixed Method Research is to bring richness and detail to the study;exploring specific features of each method. This purpose is referred to as?;A. Complementarity;B. Triangulation;C. Development;D. Expansion;A. Complementarity;15) Positivist and Post-Positivist perspectives on research adhere to the perspective of;Philosopher of Science Karl Popper, who held that all stated research hypotheses must be?;A. Stated in a manner that excludes the self as a means of reducing bias;B. Simply stated to avoid misinterpretation;C. Self-contained in relationship to the complexity of the study;D. Falsifiable based upon empirical evidence obtained through scientific procedures;16) A design method in quantitative research that is used to control for order of effects without;having all possible orders is called?;A. Analysis of Covariance;B. Chi Square;C. Latin Squares;D. Repeated measures;17) Where R = Random Assignment Subjects to Treatment conditions, NR = No Random;Assignment, X = Treatment and O = Observation, which of the following allows for causal;inferences to be made regarding the effect of treatment?;A.;RXO;R_O;B.;RXO;C.;NR X O;NR _ O;D.;NR O X O;18) Time focus of a research design can involve assessing a condition and looking backwards to;subject history, or assessing a condition and looking forward to the effects the come manifest;over time. This is known as?;A. Inward, Outward;B. Retrospective, Prospective;C. Artifactual, Speculative;D. Focused, Unfocused;19) To be applicable to meaningful research, a research question must be?;A. Purposeful in direction of what is being asked;B. Positive in formulation;C. Answerable within the scope of chosen research practices, instrumentation and procedures;D. Legitimate within the scope of existing societal values toward research;20) Three common and well known methods of data collection for Qualitative Research Designs;are?;A. Surveys, psychometric tests, rating scales;B. Interactive interviewing, written descriptions by participants, observation;C. Video recording, computer files, Internet;D. Spatial recording, artifact review, non-specific archeology;21) Name a qualitative research design that focuses in-depth upon a single case example of the;phenomena being studied that can be an individual person, an event, a group, or an institution.;A. Case study;B. Phenomenology;C. Ethnographic analysis;D. Narrative analysis;22) A Cross-sectional method studies an issue of interest at?;A. Continuously;B. Several points in time;C. A single point in time;D. Over a duration of time;23) Qualitative research with human subjects typically involves __________ and;without specific forms of scaled measurement.;A. artifacts, traces;B. tests, critical items;C. interviews, observations;D. instruments, interests;24) A single group pretest posttest research design cannot infer causality of relationship;because?;A. Too few subjects are involved in the research process under this design;B. There are no means of eliminating alternative explanations for the observed changes in contrast to a;treatment effect because there is no random assignments to treatment and control groups;C. There are too few groups to conduct an Analysis of Variance;D. Correlation does not equal causation;25) A cross between a cross sectional design and longitudinal design is known as?;A. A single case design;B. A reversal design;C. A sequential design;D. Matched pairs design


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