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discussions-"Google Australia AdWords and "Sniffing Glue Could Snuff Profits




Google Australia AdWords" Please respond to the following;As more responsibility and liability has transferred to manufacturers and suppliers over time, there has been significant debate over whether the reasonable-consumer standard, ignorant-consumer standard, or modified ignorant-consumer standard should be used to determine what advertising practices are permissible and impermissible. Assess the likelihood that a reasonable consumer would be deceived by the misleading sponsored links described in the e-Activity. Next, suggest which consumer standard you believe the Australian;Sniffing Glue Could Snuff Profits" Please respond to the following;Evaluate the degree to which the H.B. Fuller Company?s efforts to reduce abuse of the glue Resistol in Central America described in the case study were morally responsible. If you conclude the company has behaved in a morally responsible way, construct a moral argument in support of H.B. Fuller's actions. If you find the company's efforts insufficient, create a list of two actions you believe the company should take in order to handle Resistol abuse in a morally responsible way.


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