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Which of the following is a correct statement about segmentation




10. Which of the following is a correct statement about segmentation schemes?;A. Firms are likely to use one or rarely two segmentation schemes as an economic convenience.;B. Firms are likely to use selected segmentation schemes to enter into undifferentiated markets.;C. Firms are likely to use multiple segmentation methods to leverage the capacities of each.;D. Firms are likely to use a different segmentation scheme depending on whether they're production, sales, or marketing;oriented.;11. Karen has identified four potential market segments for her Rent-A-Chef home meal catering service.;The next step is to;A. decide whether to use undifferentiated segmentation.;B. categorize each market segment by consumer demographics.;C. develop a positioning strategy.;D. evaluate the attractiveness of each segment.;12. If a firm has geodemographic and purchasing information about its customers, the firm can effectively use data mining techniques to;A. understand psychographic motivations.;B. quantify unstructured survey question responses using geographic statistical simulations.;C. create new customer surveys.;D. tailor separate marketing programs for different geodemographic segments.;13. Alex has found that investment real estate buyers and residential real estate buyers both respond;positively to his marketing communication message. Alex has identified _______ that respond similarly to;his marketing efforts.;A. geographic segments;B. market segments;C. self-concept customers;D. mass-customization consumers;14. Retail checkout scanning systems create a tremendous amount of purchasing information usually stored;in a company's;A. Web site.;B. iPod system.;C. data warehouse.;D. syndicated data service.;15. In the classic example of segmentation strategy, years ago Swift Meat Company transformed turkey;meat into "Butterball" turkeys. In the process, the company;A. avoided the SARS virus.;B. differentiated its product.;C. created a new class of micromarketing.;D. raised consumers' self-concepts.;16. Several years ago, General Motors ran an advertising campaign for their Oldsmobile line of cars using;the slogan, "Not your father's automobile" and a young woman as spokesperson. GM was attempting to;the Oldsmobile line.;A. use salient feature differentiation for;B. position;C. identify a target market for;D. reposition;17. If detailed customer information is kept over a period of time, a company may be able to construct an;important measure of a customer's profitability known as;A. customer earning potential.;B. primary customer profit.;C. customer lifetime value.;D. customer net worth.;18. For each target market, General Imaging Corporation, a manufacturer of imaging equipment, should engage in positioning, adjusting their marketing mix variables to give customers;A. a virtual perceptual map of the imaging landscape.;B. a clear, distinctive, and desirable understanding of their products relative to competing products.;C. a psychographic consultation based on value-enhanced manufacturing.;D. better Medicaid and Medicare payments.;19. The major advantage of primary research data is that it;A. is general enough to meet many different researchers' needs.;B. can be easily accessed through syndicated data bases.;C. takes less time to collect than secondary data.;D. can be tailored to meet the specific research needs.;20. Within a perceptual map, an ideal point represents where;A. a particular market segment's desired product would lie.;B. the marketing mix is established as a base-line.;C. the lifestyle symbolism matches the consumer's self-idealization perception.;D. costs and benefits equal each other.;21. Paul subscribes to an Internet service that alerts him whenever other firms in his industry are quoted in;the media. Paul is using this type of market research primarily to;A. help him understand the needs of his customers.;B. provide a link between him and his production center.;C. increase profits through the sale of syndicated data.;D. monitor his competitors.;22. Which of the following is a correct statement about marketing research?;A. Marketing research should encourage the manipulation of respondents when necessary.;B. Fundraising should be presented under the guise of being market research.;C. Those who conduct marketing research must use a more flexible, less-constraining set of ethical standards if they're to get;accurate and useful information.;D. Marketing research should be used ethically and should produce unbiased, factual information.;23. CVS drugstores used both lifestyle and demographic segmentation to;A. close unprofitable stores, or stores that would become unprofitable in the near future.;B. determine what stores in what cities should carry lifestyle products like birth control.;C. develop a product mix and set of promotion messages to reach their most frequent and regular shoppers.;D. assist federal drug enforcement agents to track down illegal use of over-t


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