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Question 1 of 20;5.0 Points;Abilities tend to be;A. stable over an extended period of time.;B. related to culture.;C. based on values.;D. related to leadership. Reset Selection;Question 2 of 20;5.0 Points;Individual difference characteristics affect a person's behavior most when;A. the situation provides clear guidelines.;B. the situation is loosely structured.;C. the person is strong willed.;D. the person is flexible. Reset Selection;Question 3 of 20;5.0 Points;Which one of the following influences a person's value system?;A. abilities;B. skills;C. leadership;D. culture Reset Selection;Question 4 of 20;5.0 Points;Which one of the following have been found to be relatively universal values?;A. Individuality and individual dignity;B. Personal achievement and performance;C. Fairness and honesty;D. Desire for recognition and rewards Reset Selection;Question 5 of 20;5.0 Points;Older generations in Western Europe and the U.S. tend to __________ than younger generation.;A. bemore suspicioius of authoriy;B. have a stronger sense of cultural superiority;C. be more independent;D. be more tied to their parents and family members Reset Selection;Question 6 of 20;5.0 Points;A __________ view of ethics suggests that what is right or wrong depends on the situation.;A. universalist;B. contingency;C. relativist;D. cultural Reset Selection;Question 7 of 20;5.0 Points;United States laws forbid business people to bribe others even in cultures where bribery is expected or necessary. This approach to ethics reflects a __________ view of ethics.;A. universalist;B. contingency;C. relativist;D. cultural Reset Selection;Mark for Review What's This?;Question 8 of 20;5.0 Points;Marta has just been appointed to a top level executive position in her company. Which of the following leadership skills is she most likely to need and use?;A. technical;B. interpersonal;C. conceptual;D. organizational Reset Selection;Question 9 of 20;5.0 Points;Which of the Big Five personality dimensions is most strongly correlated to job performance?;A. concientiousness;B. emotional intelligence;C. openness to experience;D. agreeableness Reset Selection;Question 10 of 20;5.0 Points;is the Big Five personality dimension that is important in jobs such as management that require social interaction.;A. Emotional intelligence;B. Extraversion;C. Openness to experience;D. Agreeableness Reset Selection;Question 11 of 20;5.0 Points;Locus of control is an indicator of;A. how much control a person needs.;B. how much contril a person feels he/she has.;C. the control level of leaders.;D. control available in the situation. Reset Selection;Question 12 of 20;5.0 Points;Which of the following best describe Type As?;A. Type As are strategic thinkers who are proactive.;B. Type As try to do more in less time.;C. Type As are willing to cut corners to achieve their goals.;Question 13 of 20;5.0 Points;The leader's power increases when employees;A. are motivated.;B. comply with her decisions.;C. do not resist a decision.;D. are committed to her decisions. Reset Selection


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