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Exam 3 last few ques -Research about the effect of power distribution suggests




Question 14 of 20;Research about the effect of power distribution suggests that;A. centralized power allows organizations to perform well.;B. concentrated power can be detrimental to performance.;C. leaders often give up their power willingly.;D. power sharing works well in most cultures.;Question 15 of 20;5.0 Points;Individuals with __________ power can influence others because they are liked and respected.;A. legitimate;B. referent;C. informational;D. reward;Question 16 of 20;5.0 Points;is one of the influence tactics that rely on all sources of personal power.;A. Pressure;B. Personal appeal;C. Consultation;D. Rational persuasion;Question 17 of 20;5.0 Points;The concept of __________ suggests that teams gain power based on their ability to remove obstacles for others.;A. strategic contingencies;B. shared power;C. empowerment;D. coalition building;Question 18 of 20;5.0 Points;A team leader focuses on assuring that his team members;have the latest expertise not available elsewhere in th;e;organization. He is using which organizational source of power to assure that his team has power?;A. centrality;B. organicity;C. substitutability;D. coalition building;Question 19 of 20;5.0 Points;The key organizational factor in abuse of power is;A. a decentralized structure.;B. the organizational culture.;C. the leadership succession plan.;D. the training and development plan.;Question 20 of 20;5.0 Points;The underlying theme of empowerment is;A. delegating all power to employees.;B. sharing power with those who need it to perform their job.;C. setting goals that everyone can achieve easily.;D. centralizing decision making in the team.


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